Tribalism must be wash off Gambia’s face like last nights makeup or an old lipstick.

Torrent of abuses giving our nation a black eye must be washed off Gambian society forever like performing abolition

Cassamance citizens must wash their hands out of our elections because they are SENEGALESE citizens.


Those Greedy people in the leaked Panama papers must washed their hands off our economy before they cause a “Dalasi Holocaust”

Immoral acts and sins committed on our land must be wash of with tears of repentance , promise of not do the deeds again and compensate where necessary .

Our dead must be washed up in the pool of blessings and showered with prayers (Janazah) not in pool of crocodiles

Mercenary judges who melt our dreams like ice must be wash off Gambias face with one way ticket to their home country .

Chameleon acts of changing colors to set up people to the green knife sharp edge in the slaughter house must wash off their ill will colors with the rain of love.
Broken glasses of dictatorship on our freedom’s path must be washed off by a politician with a dream like Martin Luther King, a mind like Rosa parks and empathy of Sir Dawda Jawara.

By Habib.