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‘Phenomenal Women’: First All-Women Fitness Center In The Gambia Launched

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By Amara Thoronka

A newly established fitness, nutrition and care center for women in The Gambia [Phenomenal Women] was officially launched on 21 January 2022 at the center’s address at Bartil Harding Highway, opposite Kotu Hospital.

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In her statement, Fatima Jallow, CEO of Fatima & Co public relations firm (organizer of the launching ceremony) said the center focuses on women particularly on fitness, nutrition and care.

“The Center offers women in The Gambia a safe environment. They offer services to women such as Yogo, Zumba, aerobics/cardio exercise, kids Zumba classes, beauty salon, steps/TRX workout, massage/jacuzzi/steam, kids play area (nanny services) and nutrition classes,” she highlighted.

Making an opening remark, a member of Phenomenal Women, Laila Traboulsi said the center is a product of a discussion between her and Phenomenal Women chief executive Fatu Njie on a safe environment where when can exercise and receive trainings on their wellbeing.

“We were chatting on a safe environment where women can put on their sport gears, a place exclusively for women. Women have so much to offer but are not giving the opportunity to prove themselves. Our work here is not only to exercise and offer nutrition and care services, but also to help women and young ladies unleash their potentials.”

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Madam Traboulsi encouraged women to take advantage of the opportunity by coming to the center and make use of its services.

Speaking on reason for establishing Phenomenal Women center, Chief Executive Officer of the center Fatou Njie said she has travelled to many countries and has discovered that most countries have similar centers for women, but not in The Gambia.

“Other countries have centers like this where women exercise and are taught on how to take good care of themselves, their children and their families in general. We need such in the Gambia and that is where the idea came from. We are the mothers, and we are the ones who give birth to the Presidents, Ministers and all. Women are the foundation of a better country and a better world”

She said the center has a safe and conducive environment for women to exercise and discuss their challenges with workable solutions.

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Jeun Francois Normand, husband and partner of Madam Fatu Njie thanked all the people that have been working with them to realize the establishment of the center, noting that his wife always think about her fellow women and has always been trying to do something to make women in the Gambia feel confident, healthy and good looking.

Keynote speaker of the ceremony Saliou Taal, President of Gambia Bar Association praised Madam Fatu Njie, her husband and all those who contributed in realizing the establishment of the center.

“Fatu Njie always want to bring to the Gambia the best she has seen in other countries. This center has the high standards you can find in other parts of the world. I believe this is a showcase of love and passion for this nation because if it is about money Fatu and her husband would have invested in real estate and other stuffs.”

Mr. Taal assured that he will encourage his wife to visit to the center regularly, calling on other men to allow and encourage their wives and sisters to take advantage of such opportunity.

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