Monday, July 22, 2024

Peaceful protesters still held incommunicado as opposition parties deliberate on appropriate response

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The Fatu Network is getting credible news about the fate of the pro-democracy activists who were arrested on Thursday afternoon demanding for electoral reforms in The Gambia.

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Although details are still coming, The Fatu Network has so far gathered that up to 25 people among them women have been detained. The biggest opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has confirmed that seven of its executive members were arrested although the party said it was not aware of the planned demonstration.



So far The Fatu Network can confirm that about 18 men are currently at the Mile II maximum security wing. According to our credible sources, three of those arrested are seriously hurt from beatings and are in critical pain. Solo Sandeng, an executive member of the UDP is said to be among those seriously beaten.

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The women arrested according to our sources are not at the security wing of Mile II. However their whereabouts as well as their physical and medical conditions are not yet known.



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The UDP executive is said to be currently on a meeting discussing an appropriate response to the unfolding situation.

Meanwhile, two leading opposition leader OJ Jallow of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and Amat Bah of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) were earlier interviewed on The Fatu Network about what they were doing with the situation of the people arrested. Both leaders said they were not aware of the demonstration but that notwithstanding they all agreed that an urgent step has to be taken to get those detained released. Both party leaders expressed solidarity with the people arrested and called on the government to get them released as soon as possible.



The Fatu Network is still following the story and we will keep you posted with any details.

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