By Kexx Sanneh

The much talked about and long-awaited 2021 election is around the corner. We have 243 more days to go. This means that we have about 8 months 3 weeks to the election.

Since 1965, Gambia has held 8th general Presidential elections. The 2021 elections would be the 9th Presidential elections held in Gambia from 82, 1987,1992, 1996, 2001,2006, 2011 and 2016. What difference have all these elections made? Have the outcomes of these elections brought any genuine transformation to Gambia and Gambians?

The hard truth is that these elections are yet to promote socio-economic equality, enhance prosperity and revive the broken hope of the Gambian people after 56 years. What can we do differently in 2021 to change our story?


We have a choice to make as a nation and a people in December 2021. Either we decide to choose a better future over a bitter future or we decide to choose a bitter future over a better future. Either we decide to choose prosperity over poverty or we decide to choose poverty over prosperity.

We must use our ballots wisely in 2021 to put the right person in office who will promote our general welfare for our collective interests. Can 2021 make any difference? Can you do it for the sake of Gambia and generations yet unborn?

The World is watching. We cannot afford to make another mistake. If only we (Gambians) allow patriotism and nationalism to lead our choices in 2021, the outcome of our votes would be extremely amazing and rewarding.

2021– A moment to make Gambia better. Let’s take charge of this opportunity and together bid farewell to poverty and despair. CHANGE is possible. I am still optimistic about a new Gambia beyond 2021. Your vote – your voice – your power – your destiny.

I see a new Gambia rising above the African Continent only if we put the right political party and leader in power.