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OPINION: 4-Day Israel-Hamas Truce

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By: Musa Bassadi Jawara

First, I thank The Fatu Network for the extraordinary opportunity to use their prestigious platform and express my opinion globally on this ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. I have written several articles since October 7, on this war and a bit of a hiatus the past 3 weeks due to travels in Europe and the United States.

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Israel-Hamas Truce: this is set to expire today unless the warring parties agree to extend it. There is no justification for Israel to resume the bombardment of Palestinian people in the wake of the recorded carnage and destruction of human and material infrastructure over the past 4 weeks.

After the pause, for IDF to resume the aerial bombardment of Gaza, killing indiscriminately the vulnerable population will be vile and abhorrent. The pause revealed that Hamas’ administrative structure is still intact against the backdrop of over fourteen thousand (14,000) Palestinians mowed down during the course of Israeli military incursion. This is glaring evidence that civilians are bearing the brunt of the dead and suffering.

Israelis are making a parallel between 9/11 in the United States and 10/7 in Israel (?)! Israel is in question mark because it’s an occupied Palestinian land where the Hamas attack occurred on October 7. The aircraft hijackers on September 11, carried out terrorist acts on undisputed U.S. territory. This is the starkest difference between the two! The Hamas terror attack on October 7, as vile and heinous as it may be, the crime occurred in occupied Palestinian lands and, this is at the core of the fracas!

The gospel truth is that there is no justification for killing the innocent and, beginning immediately a permanent ceasefire must come into effect after the current truce expires in less than 24 hours.

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Israel’s military objective is to decapitate Hamas and replace it with what? Similar U.S. military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan ended in an ignominious embarrassment in blood and treasure. Ideology will never be conquered by military might. America with all its state-of-the-earth technological superiority left Kabul airport in dramatic fashion and the Soviets a couple of decades prior.

Israel’s military foray into Gaza, sooner or later will come to the same conclusion as the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. Israeli population in general are good, progressive and peace-loving, but it’s the political establishment that’s driving this genocidal terror wagon for decades and the Palestinian people have fallen prey to it. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel War Cabinet must agree to a permanent ceasefire. What’s the justification for continuing the slaughter of Palestinians? Sadly, 1400 Israelis were murdered on October 7. Consequently, 14,000 Palestinians were bombed to death by the IDF in response to the killings of October 7. The question is: how many Palestinian lives equate to the loss of 1400 Israelis?


Thank you.

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Musa Bassadi Jawara

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