Friday, July 19, 2024

Open letter to Lower Saloum National Assembly member

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From Abdoulie Jallow,
Lower Saloum constituency.

Dear Honourable Sainey Jawara, it is with a great sense of humility I write this open letter to you regarding the Prado cars meant for National Assembly members, of which you are not an exception. Dear Honourable, understand that an elected official should always represent and defend the interest of his/her electorate. Thus, I expect you to defend and prioritize the interest of the people of Lower Saloum. On this background, I deem it necessary to pen my honest opinion on the recently bought cars to be given to you as members of the legislative body.

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Firstly, a genuine and honest representative will never and ever utilize his/her position to live a luxurious life when his/her electorate is barely enjoying the sweetness of development. Lower Saloum is one of the most underdeveloped constituencies, which has lacked basic human rights like access to clean drinking water, standard health facilities, personnel, medicine, electricity, and employment opportunities, among others. Approximately, out of the 60 villages in Lower Saloum, it is only Kaur and Ballanghar that are having electricity and not even all parts of these two areas are having light. Where is the rest of the villages? Don’t they have the right to access electricity?

Secondly, Honourable Jawara, you’re cognizant of the deplorable condition of Kaur and Ballanghar health centres. You’ll tend to hate yourself when you visit the two health centres for treatment. Insufficient quality health personnel and medicine are a course for concern, and it should be your priority to address this as our representative in collaboration with befitting stakeholders.

Thirdly, access to clean and drinkable water is another issue which should be your priority. I am aware of some development the Kaur Ward Councilor, Musa Bah, is doing in addressing this problem, but is not enough; thus, your support is needed. If you go to some parts of Kaur ward, the recent wells donated by philanthropists, the water does not lather easily with soap. Consequently, it cannot even wash clothes as expected. You can collaborate with the Area Council and adjust the digging of the well and make it boreholes so
that these people can have clean and drinkable water. Moreover, many villages in lower Saloum are facing the same problem.

Another critical issue that needs to be addressed in Lower Saloum is insufficient employment opportunities. The youth of Lower Saloum are very active and ready to work if the opportunity is available for them. A perfect example is the recent engagement of many youths in transportation (motorbike). You’ll see the zeal and readiness to work in them, but it can be realized only if the opportunity is given to them. Unfortunately, many young folks are engaged in banditry because they lack something to hold on to as a source of living.

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In conclusion, the Honourable, I’m aware you have sold the first car the office of the president gave you during your first term as a National Assembly member and now you’re driving an expensive car (Chevrolet), and expectedly you’ll take the Prado which is more expensive than the car you are currently driving. The Honorable, I know you should get a means of transportation to reach the electorate, but should it be of this nature? Personally, I do not see any sense in spending millions of Dalasi on such an expensive car when you can get a strong and cheaper car for transportation.
Dear Honourable, how do you feel driving an exorbitant and luxurious car worth approximately 4 million Dalasis when the people you are representing are facing the above-mentioned challenges? Are you truly representing the interest of Lower Saloum and its people?

Abdoulie Jallow,
Lower Saloum constituency.

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