Monday, April 22, 2024

Night Football Unites Communities in Brikama

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By: Zackline Colley

The Brikama Box Bar Mini Stadium has transformed into a bustling center for night football matches, much to the delight of football aficionados in the region. The Brikama Sports Committee has initiated an inter-area tournament with the aim of fostering social cohesion among the residents of Brikama and its surrounding areas.

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Commencing on the 5th day of Ramadan, the tournament is set to run throughout the holy month. With games kicking off at 10 PM every night, the event has attracted significant attendance, drawing crowds from all corners of Brikama and neighboring villages.

Ansumana Camara, the Secretary-General of the Brikama Sports Committee, emphasized the importance of the tournament in strengthening community bonds and nurturing grassroots football talent. He pointed out that while not all young players have the chance to showcase their skills in higher-level competitions such as the natwettan or zonals, this initiative provides a platform for them to shine. Camara noted that scouts from first and second division league teams in The Gambia and beyond are closely monitoring the tournament, offering promising players the opportunity to join professional teams.

“We know this will attract a large crowd, and we may have many people from various divisions coming to scout for players, which would mean a lot to us as a sports committee because we aim to see our players excel at different levels of play,” Camara noted.

In addition to promoting social cohesion and unity, the eventual winners will receive substantial cash prizes at the end of the tournament.

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“This is a pilot championship, so teams have agreed to a D3000 participation fee, and at the end of the tournament, the winner will take home D30,000, and the runners-up will receive D25,000 each,” said Camara.

Mr. Camara called for support to develop sports in Brikama, highlighting the significant responsibilities of the Brikama Sports Committee, which encompasses not only football but also basketball, volleyball, and athletics, all requiring substantial funding to sustain operations.

Meanwhile, the tournament has not only provided entertainment for football enthusiasts but also acted as a catalyst for community unity and talent enhancement. As the matches continue to captivate audiences, the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship thrives in Brikama and its neighboring areas.

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