Interior Minister Mai Ahmed Fatty has reminded Gambians of the need to respect the law and maintain order saying everyone is free under the new dispensation but that does not mean that law and order is suspended.

Minister Fatty made the revelation on Wednesday during his first visit to the Gambia Police Force Headquarters in Banjul since assuming office as Interior Minister.

“I want to tell my fellow Gambians that you are free under the new dispensation but the Police are also performing their duties under the law and because you have freedom does not mean that law and order has been suspended. Because we have a new government does not mean you are free to assault the Police or to speak to them in a language that is threatening or commit crime because we have a new government” he said.

According to him, the Police will continue to do their job under the law and that Gambians should not be under the illusion that there is a new dispensation that gives them licenses to break the law.

“If you do, the Police will do their job and you will realise that there is law” he said.

Minister Fatty assured the IGP and the entire Gambia Police Force that they can do their job without fear or favour or ill will but also within the confines of the law and also respecting the dignity of the individuals. He said no matter how the circumstances is, the Police Officer is supposed to be the person to be most trusted, the person to demonstrate higher integrity and morality.

“This is why we make you guidance of the law. The law is what keeps the country afloat. We have the laws of the country and we asked you to guard it. So, when you are dealing with citizens, you come across people with different attitudes. You will see some people that immediately they see a Police Officer, they feel offended. Others will speak any how they like but is for you to manage all those circumstances effectively. Every citizen you come across is an individual with her own specifications but treat them as they come within the law – show them the protection, magnanimity and passion of the law” he said.

According to Minister Fatty, with such approach, the Police will see a citizenry that will gradually change attitude towards the Police. “I challenge you to show that patience with our people and deliver justice to them according to law” he concluded.