Wednesday, July 24, 2024

New Cruise Ship Director of Operations Urges Gambian Youths to Desist from Absconding Onboard, Promises Better Management

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Two weeks after taking over as the new Director of Operations of Cruise Ship Crew, Gambia, Musa Drammeh, is taking a new dimension in managing the affairs of the ship by conducting regular sensitization with Gambian youths who are waiting for deployment to work as crew members by urging them to desist from absconding, saying it is a violation of contract agreement.

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Drammeh, who worked as a crew member for nine years (9), told The Fatu Network that the American Embassy has been very supportive of the crew since they began operations in The Gambia.

“The cruise is an opportunity for young people to legally travel to America without difficulties. Getting an American visa is not easy, so I am urging the youths to desist from absconding,” Drammeh said.

He expressed the company’s gratitude to the American Embassy for their continuous support while assuring the embassy that they are doing all it takes to make sure those who absconded are traced.

“Absconding in America will never help anyone and is a violation of the laws and you can be banned from getting an American visa anywhere. I am urging the Gambian youths to make the best use of the cruise that is here to create employment opportunities.
We all know the country is facing employment challenges and the government cannot employ all. We need to work hard and change the narrative. Gambia is known for good, and we should preserve that beautiful reputation,” he emphasized.

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Drammeh promised to embark on a nationwide sensitization campaign about the risk of absconding and the benefits of working on the cruise line. Speaking on a range of issues, Drammeh revealed that some people had challenges with their agency but noted that change is about to happen as he took over to restore the booming confidence. As part of complementing his task, he vowed to continue to engage the crew members so that their challenges can be addressed.

According to him, employees on the cruise ship are given five years American visa and are entitled to a vacation every six months (6) which they will come to the Gambia and return after the vacation.

He applauded the crew members who are working tirelessly to achieve their goals.

“This is an opportunity for young people to work and change their living conditions.
Our youths are hardworking, and we respect them for that… only a few are selfish and want to destroy the image of the country. As we speak, there are over twenty crew members in the country who are on vacation after working for six months on board,” he said, disclosing that all the guarantors of those crew members who absconded will be taken to court immediately with no hesitation.

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