Monday, June 17, 2024

National crisis: A call to Gambian diplomats

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As tensions continue to mount in the Gambian amidst uncertainty concerning the outcome of the just concluded elections; we wish to converse with the county’s diplomatic missions around the world.

Diplomacy, in short, is a tack or skill in dealing with people. In bilateral and multilateral terms, however, diplomacy is defined as the art of conducting international relations, by negotiating alliances, treaties, and agreements – on behalf of one’s national interest.

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Historically, diplomacy is based on a simple principle of reciprocity in line with values and ethics, but also national interest of the countries concerned. A plea to all Gambian ambassadors, especially, in D.C., London, Beijing, and across the globe – scratch the diplomatic playbook and side with the Gambian people against a criminal president with no regard for life, or law. It is profoundly disturbing and a mystery as to why our diplomatic missionaries still remain silent and muted, with a major crisis engulfing Banjul.

Mr Ambassador – your undivided loyalty should always be to the country and people you claim to represent. Please, have the moral backbone and speak up, against your boss – The tyrant. The uncertainty Gambians are subjected to hurts, and it sucks too. The Jammeh regime is over. It lacks legitimacy, operating on an expired remit, albeit forcefully. Those with sense knew this, and are abandoning the ‘fast sinking ship’ in large numbers.

Mr not-so-honourable Ambassador – ever heard of the chilling tale of a murderous regime driven by excess, and greed. A government, but in name – under Senegalese blockade, abandoned by allies in the international community. Have the character, and wisdom, by doing the right thing for once. Obey your conscience and immediately resign the portfolio, if you are men and women of truth.

As ‘fish diplomacy’ come into play – The marketplace and future of the Gambian child remains a scary thought. Yahya Jammeh has sold Gambia’s soul to the Chinese fishermen. Before his illegal usurpation of power, fish was found, at a cheap price across the country. Today, over-fishing has exhausted the industry, as foreign trawlers paying fees to the dictator, while ramming the seabed in their wake.

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Ambassadors – a UN Security Council resolution is in check, laden with Senegalese diplomatic prowess across the periphery. Jammeh is isolated, and ‘caged’ as paranoia sets in. Once again, to our diplomats around the world – your country is in a political crisis, and the future looks uncertain. The Gambian people have spoken, as enterprising as ever.

So, what is it gonna be (dis) Honourable ambassador – #Gambia one #Love for Country #Forward always, Backward NEVER!

By Gibril Saine, London

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