Friday, September 29, 2023

Mother of 8 forced out of house with sick husband by windstorm pleads for help

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Fatou Darboe, a 37-year-old mother of eight, has explained to The Fatu Network how a windstorm forced her out of her husband’s house in Pakaliba, LRR, and ended up seeking shelter in her friend’s house in Mandinaring, Kombo Central, with her sick husband.

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The 37-year-old woman, who is married to a 40-year-old stroke patient, said they abandoned their home to live in her friend’s house in Mandinary, Kombo Central as their living conditions back home were unbearable.

“Our house was destroyed by last year’s windstorm and my husband is sick. I have eight children who are all young and they cannot help us,” she said.

She added that since her husband got sick, life has become extremely difficult for them as the burden of the family lies on her.

“I have five boys and three girls who are going to school. The feeding, treatment of my husband, and school fees are a huge burden. I am urging people to help us so that we can live a decent life,” she pleaded.

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Fatou and her children’s condition has forced her to stay in her friend’s house with her sick husband before they get support to construct their house.

“I am currently living with my sick husband in my friend’s house in Mandinary. My children are going to school, but I am afraid they will drop out because I can’t afford to pay school fees and provide feeding and treatment for my husband,” she explained.

The young mother said she is living a difficult life with her husband and children as their living conditions become a huge burden coupled with Ramadan’s needs.

“We are in Ramadan my husband cannot do anything which is making life more difficult. We need any kind of support because nothing is small for us,” she noted.

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For anyone who wishes to support Fatou and her husband or needs any further information can reach out to the following contacts. +220 7986346 or +2203125436

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