Sunday, February 25, 2024

More Revelations About President Jammeh’s Sexual Exploitation Of Young Gambian Girls

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Just as the world is coming to terms with the embarrassing news of President Yahya Jammeh sexually exploiting Gambian girls some as young as 16 years old, more revelations have started emerging detailing how the President uses employment into the protocol division at the State House as a bait for mainly light skin girls who are then turn into sexual slaves.

The latest victim of President Jammeh’s unusually lust sexual appetite is a certain Ms Munina Dicko, a native of Farafeni who was arrested in August by personnel of the Gambia Police Force with one Abdou Bah for allegedly hypnotizing a man before defrauding him with almost 2 million dalasi. Munina and her co-accused were in fact already indicted and appeared before the court several times when police prosecutors abruptly drop the case through directives from the State House.

No sooner had the case been dropped than President Jammeh provided accommodation to Munina in the State House where she is now staying with her junior sister. The discontinuation of the fraud charges against Munina came when President Jammeh spotted her in Farafeni in the North Bank Division of the Gambia during his last meet-the-people-tour. The President has also provided another place for Munina’s mum to stay

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Like what he does to other young girls, sources say Jammeh is sexually abusing both Mumina and her sister. Many people still continue to question how the first Lady could allow to ignore all sexual claims against her husband even if they are allegations. The President housing young girls at The State House, playing with them. Chorus of respected voices both in the Gambia and in the diaspora have expressed serious concern over the First Lady Madam Zainab Jammeh’s deafening silence on her husband’s exploitation of Gambian young girls. Many people are now calling on the First Lady to walk out of the marriage if she is not interested in Jammeh, this way our young girls can be saved.

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