Monday, June 17, 2024

Mary Njie – A Notch Higher

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By: Momodou Ndow

Talent alone is not enough! For an artist to flourish, they need to be deeply passionate, dedicated, focused, and willing to collaborate with others. Mary is talented, passionate, focused, and already has a few collaborations under her belt. She’s got the aura of a star with a golden voice. Mary Njie neela mel!

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I am certain these are the same characteristics recognized in her by the organizers of the EFOR project. Mary was selected to be part of the GANG of TEN female Senegambian singers to live in a house for ten days to CELEBRATE, ASSIST AND EMPOWER WOMEN. The idea to collaborate and record A TEN SONG album together ADDRESSING WOMEN ISSUES. They will record a song daily for ten days, and then release an album PRODUCED BY RENOWNED PRODUCERS FROM FRANCE. How cool is that?

It is unprecedented and an excellent way for these young women to coexist and inspire one another. Their musical world will grow by leaps and bounds by the end of the project. Teamwork and collaboration can work wonders. Collaboration is also a key part of most success.

Mary should be really proud of HERSELF! There are countless talented young female artists from Senegal, and for her to be among the chosen is a testament to her talent AND A PRIDE FOR THE GAMBIA. She should be happy with the trajectory of her career within this short period of time. She’s a notch higher and her future is bright!

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