Thursday, July 25, 2024

Mama Kandeh disappointed with President Barrow’s post election statement

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The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) party has expressed total disappointment with the post Parliamentary election statement by President Adama Barrow saying he has indicated he is president for few and not all.

According to Mama Kandeh, President Barrow in his statement said he was happy that he was able to achieve the required number of Parliamentarians for him to work with.  This he said means President Barrow is not there for every Gambia but a few.

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Kandeh made the comments on Monday during a press conference at the Baobab Hotel to reveal the position of his party in the just concluded National Assembly elections.

“In yesterday’s statement by the president, I am very much disappointed when he mentioned that he is happy that he is able to achieve the required number of parliamentarians for him to work with. Then this means, he is not in office to work with all the NAMs but a group of people and that he is president for a few and not everyone. It is very disappointing as a president who does not belong to any political party. I thought he should be neutral and should congratulate every candidate declared winner and also make a clear statement that he is ready to work with all of them.  Instead, he said he is able to get the required number of parliamentarians he can work with” he said.

According to Kandeh, the message from President Barrow is very clear that he is not here for all. He said the statement was read in all language on GRTS, therefore, not a hidden thing and nobody is talking about it.

He used the opportunity to appeal to all Gambians to avoid violence or tribal politics saying there is no tribe that is better than the other in this country. “Politics is not about violence, fighting or hatred. Let us come together, put hands together, work together, live peacefully as a country” he concluded.

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