Monday, June 17, 2024

Mama Kandeh Attacks the Coalition Government

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In one of his most scathing attacks on the Barrow government, Mama Kandeh, the party leader for GDC accused them of lying to the people. At a rally in Nawleru, North Bank Region, he labeled his opponents as “hungry, angry people.”

“All of them are busy building houses; I do not know whether, prior to coming into office, they were all renting.” Mama drummed on the abuse of public funds by government officials.

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On the recurrent question of where he gets his funding from, he shouted out to his party faithful. “It’s none of their business. I do not owe any obligation to them, as they have not given me money for safekeeping.
To rapturous applause, he promised the people of Nawleru fifty bags of cement, a PA system for the masjid, and a milling machine.

Mamma, like other party leaders are canvassing votes for their councilors in the upcoming municipal elections.

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