By Lamin Sanyang


Senegal’s President Macky Sall who was a Special Guest to the country’s 52nd Independent Anniversary has said that the two countries, Gambia and Senegal are one family.

“Gambia and Senegal are one family. We are divided by circumstances of history. We share the same values. the same history. This is the legacy we inherited from our ancestors,” President Macky Sall said.

President Sall who was speaking in English, called on the two nations to nurture the legacy of their ancestors, saying they owe it to themselves and generations to come.

“What we need is peace and harmony. What we need is security. What we need is development,” he pointed out.

Sall called on the two countries to get together, work together and face their challenges together.

President Sall said the Gambia and Senegal are not only neighbors but they are brothers. He explained that the people, cultures and foods are all the same.

Meanwhile, he congratulated president Barrow for his historic election victory, saying it is victory for The Gambian people.