Friday, April 12, 2024

“I love peace that is why am stress free” – Ex-CDS Bargie

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Gambia’s former Army Chief Lt. General Ousman Bargie says he loves peace that is why he is stress free.

Bargie was recently given a nick name ‘Mr No Stress’ during the Gambia’s the political impasse.

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Responding to questions from journalists as to why he is called ‘Mr no Stress’ during a farewell ceremony in his honour after been redeployed to the Foreign Service ending his Army career, Bargie said with stress, one can easily commit suicide or do the unimaginable.

“Today, small kids are getting diabetes and other diseases because of stress. The people in the West fear stress more than HIV and Aids. They even monitor you when you are stressed because they know you can do the unthinkable. So, this is why am stress free. Let us be stress free, the Smiling Coast of Africa” he said.

According to him, with new President Barrow, everything is possible and brighter days are ahead for the Gambia.

He described his new assignment as another challenges saying he love challenges.

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“Even If I face the biggest mountain in the world, I will try to see where and how to climb on that mountain.” He said

Meanwhile, Bargie who served as Army chief since the former regime of Yahya Jammeh is now deployed to the Foreign Service by the new President Adama Barrow. He is being replaced by former Military aide Masanneh Kinteh, who in fact handed over the mantle of leadership of GAF to Bargie some years back after he was also sent to the Foreign Service.

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