Landing Kinteh-Ba: I want to leave a legacy but…

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By Omar Wally
Landing Kinteh-Ba, Gambia’s famous religious singer has said that he wants to leave a legacy by producing an album but due to financial challenges he couldn’t fulfill that dream.
For the past 30 years, Kinteh-Ba’s religious songs locally known as “Sukuwo”, are being aired in virtually all radio stations, commercial taxis and recording studios across the country. He told The Fatu Network that he has not been benefiting from his trade.
He said on several occasions he approached people to assist him produce an album, but proof futile, adding that he doesn’t have the financial muscles to produce an album.
“This has been the major challenge that I’m facing now, 30 years in to my career, I could not compile the numerous songs I released into an album.”
That being the case, he added that he has stopped releasing new singles , because his work is not protected. “ Many are making money out of my work and I can’t do anything about it” He said.
“ It is time for recording studios to pay royalties to me, they are making fortunes out of my work without paying anything to me.” Kinteh-Ba said he is ever ready to compile his album even if a sponsor comes in today, he said he can produce an album the following day, adding that it is a matter of compiling the old one and adjusting the new ones. “
The money doesn’t necessarily have to come to me, all what I’m interested in is to produce an album and leave a legacy. He said the little income he is getting, is what he use to take care of his family.
Please drop us a message for his contact details if you are interesting in helping him out.

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