LAMIN NJIE – OPINION: It’s NPP turn to celebrate… but Abdou Willan’s action just shows how unprincipled Gambians can sometimes be

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I’d reckoned I have heard it all when it comes to Gambian politics. Abdou Willan’s antics today just made me recoil.

Ten days is how long Mr Willan spent in UDP. He joined the party at an event that came with much fanfare with Darboe presiding. UDP for once thought it inflicted the biggest wound on NPP amid a rivalry that is showing no sign of abating.

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But, Mr Willan announcing today he is rejoining NPP must be scarcely credible. But not when you see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears.

Mr Willan however said his UDP switch was a ruse, that he was on an undercover mission. That’s absolutely rubbish. The man who stood in front of Mr Darboe on May 10 meant all what he was saying. It should not have been difficult for him to disclose what must have changed. In fact I think he did when he pointed out a number of issues he said were going on in UDP.

But what I can say is Mr Willan’s frolics have confirmed how unreliable Gambians can sometimes be. You can never rely on them in jointly holding onto a dangerous snake. They will take their hand off it and it will bite you.

Yet, NPP has every right to celebrate. Their man has returned to them. Indeed.

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