Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Kombonka: ‘Outsiders respect me more than Gambians’

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

Kombonka, known for his distinctive, sermonic rapping style, with a firm grip on metaphor and wordplay, has claimed that he is more respected outside musically than in the Gambia, noting that he should be at a level better than where he is now.

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The respected Mandinka rap lyricist asserted that his rap career should have been on a much higher pedestal right now, claiming that his music is much more appreciated and respected overseas than in the GamMusic industry, something he claimed has stalled his career growth. He uttered that Gambians are just beginning to understand his music.

“I think I am not where I should be because Gambians are just understanding my music,” the rapper said.

He added: “I should have been on better stages some time ago. Outsiders respect me more than Gambians. The music industry of foreign countries respects me more than the Gambian music industry.”

The award-winning rapper lashes out at some music promoters, saying that most of them want more money than what they are putting out.

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He pointed out the infighting among Gambians in the music industry, saying that despite his upcoming concert in the public domain, some music promoters are booking shows on the same day of his concert.

“My show is coming, but there are other Gambians organizing shows despite being aware of my show, and they know I am a Gambian artist,” he said.

Kombonka, who claimed himself as the king of Gam-rap music, has recently released his second album titled Silakang. He has been recently making waves with didactic lyrics that are gaining his attention in the music scene with the top artists in the country.

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