Friday, July 19, 2024

Kandeh blasts SIC officials as ‘enemies of the nation’ as top clerics continue controversial tour of country

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By Sainey Darboe

The Supreme Islamic Council constitutes forces inimical to the interests of Gambian people, according to the leader of Gambia Democratic Congress, Hon Mamma Kandeh.

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The caustic characterization of the apex religious body comes amid reports a nation-wide tour is afoot to encourage Gambians to support Barrow’s plan to extend rule to five years instead of three years agreed with coalition partners.

“From what I understand, it is to help him stay for five years. We have been lacking supplies and equipment in our hospitals for many years and nothing has been done about it. The government has not done anything about that, but could allocate D8 million or D10 million to advance political interests to perpetuate themselves.

If perpetuating the president is the mission of those elders then they are the enemies of the nation. They are well aware we have families and kids who need health care, education, roads and other amenities. It’s wrong for them to take that money in a bid to help Barrow stay for five years,” Mama Kandeh regretfully observed.

The GDC supremo marvels at why the nation has been in the grip of ‘Three Years Jotna’ fever because, in his telling, Barrow’s word and pledge to rule for only three years should have been his bond.

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He concluded: “I heard some people in the security sector have gone on television saying things. We are going to have a rally and we will invite him. If he wants he can come with his bazooka, but we will speak our minds.”

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