National Assembly Member for Jimara constituency Alhagie Sowe has said that he has learnt with ‘great shock’ the political campaign currently embarked upon in some villages in his constituency by some members of the ECOMIG forces believed to be Senegalese soldiers and also some Gambian soldiers attached to the security of President Adama Barrow’s mother, Aja Juma Jallow.

“This is not only a professional misconduct from the soldiers (both ECOMIG and Gambian soldiers) in this practice but also a provocation to us as politicians responsible for the Constituency, Mr Sowe who is an opposition lawmaker said in a statement made available to The Fatu Network.

Jimara constituency is in the Upper River Region and it’s where President Adama Barrow comes from.

Mr Sowe: “Gambian soldiers and ECOMIG forces must stop the campaign immediately without delay. They are assigned by their superiors and the authorities responsible to provide security only for the president’s mother but not to assist her in campaigning for her son, the president of the Republic.

“In my capacity as the Honourable National Assembly Member for Jimara, I condemn the act and urged the concerned soldiers to desist from such practice immediately. Soldiers in general especially ECOMIG forces should not interfere in our country’s politics.”