Monday, July 22, 2024

Horror: As Jammeh Feeds Solo’s Remains To His Kanilai Crocodiles

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The Fatu network has received a very credible but rather disturbing news that the remains of Solo Sandeng, a youth leader of The main opposition United Democratic Party have been removed from his shallow grave in the fishing village of Tanji in Kombo South, Western Region and fed to the crocodiles in dictator Jammeh’s birth village of Kanilai.

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This rather horrific news has been supplied to The Fatu Network by group members led by Sgt Sulayman Sambou who were commander by the dictator a day after Solo was buried in Tanji for his remains to be exhumed and fed to the crocodiles in Kanilai. At the time of this order, the inner circle members who spoke to The Fatu Network said the dictator was in touch with them throughout from his base in Turkey where he was attending a high level meeting of The Organization Of The Islamic Cooperation (OIC)


The order for Solo’s remains to be fed to the crocodiles according to our sources, was meant to completely cover up any form of evidence that could be of use to investigators. The sources say, dictator Jammeh was particularly disturbed about how the apparent secret burial of Solo in Tanji became news all over the country so quickly. The dictator was also said to be concerned that The International Community particularity The EU and The US could use the discovery of the secret burial site as an opportunity to put further pressure and demand on his government to fully investigate the burial location and the circumstances leading to Solo’s death.

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The sources, some of whom are hardened killers for the dictator said the team that was sent to Tanji to exhume Solo’s body, put him in bin bags and hurriedly sped away in waiting military pick up trucks to Kanilai in the wee hours of the morning and quickly disposed the dead body by throwing it in the crocodile pond inhabited by two giant rare crocodiles from South Africa.


Our sources went on to say that these rare reptiles are always kept hungry by the dictator so that any meaty substance thrown to them is quickly waffled at and eaten so quickly

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