Monday, April 22, 2024

Historic OIC Summit to be Hosted by The Gambia: Infrastructural Development and Media Preparation Underway

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By: Zackline Colley

In a historic move, The Gambia is set to host the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit for the first time in its history. The event, scheduled from May 4th to the 5th, marks a significant milestone for the West African nation as it prepares to welcome leaders and delegates from 57 member states, including 48 Muslim-majority countries.

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The OIC, founded in 1969, aims to be the collective voice of the Muslim world, advocating for international peace and harmony while safeguarding the interests of its member states. With a collective population exceeding 1.8 billion people and covering an area of 31.66 million square kilometers, the organization holds considerable global influence.

To ensure a successful summit, The Gambia has invested in infrastructural development, including the construction of the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Center, where the event will take place. Additionally, significant improvements have been made to the country’s road networks, enhancing accessibility for delegates and visitors.

The government of The Gambia has allocated a budget of 300 million Dalasis towards hosting the summit, underscoring its commitment to providing a conducive environment for meaningful discussions and collaborations among member states.

In anticipation of the event, the media, often referred to as the fourth estate, has undergone extensive training on ethics, etiquette, and interview techniques. This initiative aims to ensure smooth coverage of the summit and accurate reporting, highlighting The Gambia’s capabilities on the global stage.

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As The Gambia prepares to welcome leaders and delegates from across the Muslim world, the hosting of the OIC summit signifies a momentous occasion for the nation, showcasing its potential as a key player in promoting international cooperation and dialogue.

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