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Observing the congestion on our roads daily, one cannot but wonder how and when we will have adequate roads. A comprehensive road network is vital for the economic transformation of the nation. A lot of time is wasted by workers on the roads every day because many commuters find it extremely difficult to find transport when going to work so they end up being late.

Looking at the huge number of vehicles we have in the country, it becomes clear that transportation should not be a problem. If one is in Banjul on week days and the clock happens to chime four and one is still there, the rest of that evening is wasted on looking for vehicle; and after getting aboard one, the traffic congestion prevents one from reaching home for hours.

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For sustainable growth in economic development, there needs to be a very good road network so that peoples and goods can easily be transported from one place to the other. The bottom line is that we, as a country, need to build more roads in strategic places. For instance, if there were a road from Westfield through Tallinding and leading to Tabokoto, this would ease the traffic congestion on the highway from Westfield to Brikama. A lot of time would be saved.

Similarly, there could be one right from Latrikunda to be linked with the Coastal Road. This again would be of extreme benefit as it would ease the tension from Tabokoto to Coastal Road and other areas which are very much congested. I am sure the experts at the National Road Authority can come up with more strategic places for the construction of roads.

In the provinces, there are places that are totally inaccessible, and a lot of difficulties are faced by people especially women. Some women who are either pregnant and/or breastfeeding find it almost impossible to access hospitals and health centres due to lack of roads.

As a nation, we need to conduct a comprehensive study on roads and find a way of solving the problem(s). In fact, it will have a positive impact on the number of road accidents. As we all know, a lot of road accidents occur in the country and many people lose their lives in these. We sometimes think that it is only an issue of drivers without license or drunk driving and whatnot; but the narrow roads and the congestion that we observe contribute largely to these accidents. Let us conduct a research and study this problem in detail so that we can find a solution.
Have a Good Day Mr President…

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