HELLO MR PRESIDENT… Intuition Is Important in Governance

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From the onset, let me say that your decision to return Mr Manjang to his position at the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation is commendable. It is understandable that when a section of the staff protested against him (Manjang), making many allegations against him, people were outraged. Many people at the time – myself included – raised eyebrows due to the copious nature of the claims and counterclaims.

In issues like this, it is necessary for folks to remember that as Karl Max said ‘Man is a selfish animal’ and that many – if not most – will have their judgements tainted by self interest. Thus, when you set up a committee to look into the happenings at SSFC, that was a judicious move.

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Having done that, common sense dictates that whatever that committee finds, and recommends, will be for the best interest of the nation inasmuch as they were people of impeccable character and high moral standing.

If, after their report, someone else comes up with a report which is not inline with the findings of that committee, you have to tread a tight line. The odds were always with the committee due to the fact that it was constituted to investigate and come up with recommendations.

Knowing the nature of the previous government and what used to obtain – the Janneh Commission has laid many things bare – it is understandable, likely indeed, that many people at the SSHFC saw Mr Manjang with his reform agenda as the enemy because they would have thought that he was out to get them, as it were.

After having all the information from different sources, it takes intuition and wit to arrive at the right conclusion and take a decision based on all you have learnt from the various sources. Doing tha, in good faith, you can go to sleep knowing that you conscience is clear.

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It is firm decisions like this that will enable you make a mark and leave an indilable print of your footmark even years after you leave office. In other words, your legacy is written with the ink, or blood, of the actions you take.

With this action, you have loudly declared that institutions will reign supreme in this New Gambia. For, we all know that it was the failure of institutions that brought us to the brink of a pit of fire not so long ago.

I therefore say bravo for a great step taken!

Have a Good Day Mr President….

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