The ministry of higher education, research, science and technology has revealed it has completed doling out money to Gambian students that are studying abroad.

According to the ministry on Thursday, payments amounting to “D32, 915, 880 meant to serve as a stimulus package for non-government funded Gambian students studying abroad, had already been effected”.

The ministry said: “These payments were done in two different phases. The initial D12, 915, 880, paid on the 5th of May, 2020 was given to 836 Gambian students, and immediately upon approval of the Appropriation Bill by the National Assembly, the Ministry made a second round of payments of 20 million dalasis to 1, 243 Gambian students. Likewise, payments for government funded Gambian students have also been made.

“Notwithstanding, MoHERST is aware of concerns and challenges raised by students studying abroad; especially with regard the relief package not reaching their end. The Ministry wants to reassure students that funds have already been released from its end. Students who are yet to receive their shares from the stimulus package should contact and make follow-ups with The Gambian embassies in their respective countries of study.

“In these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Higher Education understands the frustration and hardships of students affected and urges all to exercise patience, while following up with their respective embassies of study.

“Meanwhile, the Ministry will continue to do all it can to ensure payments are made by the Gambian embassies as soon as possible.”