Dawda Docka Fadera on 3 February received in his office the secretary general of the US Council of Muslim Organisation, the foreign ministry has said.

Mr Fadera who is The Gambia’s ambassador to the US Ousman Jammal and his delegation as part of a courtesy call following the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on The Gambia versus Myanmar case.

The foreign ministry said in a statement Friday: “Ambassador Fadera welcomed the delegation and thanked them for expressing their organisation’s solidarity with the Government and people of The Gambia. Ambassador Fadera noted that in this day and age, the international community should adopt a zero tolerance for genocide against any group of people. He highlighted the fact that the international community has enough diplomatic and legal instruments to act before any deliberate killing of a large group of people.

“Ambassador Fadera assured Mr. Jammal and his delegation that The Gambia will not relent in its efforts and will continue to take the lead on this important matter until every Rohingya refugee is resettled in his /her community and living a decent and dignified life.

“For his part, Mr. Ousman Jammal and his delegation expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Government and people of The Gambia for taking the laudable initiative to address the plight of the Rohingya people by filing a genocide case against the Government of Myanmar at the ICJ over its treatment of the Rohingya people. Each member of his delegation also took time to express heartfelt sentiments on the role The Gambia is playing in this landmark and historic endeavour.

“Mr. Jammal described The Gambia as a small country in size but a champion in advocating for religious freedom and tolerance around the world. He further expressed his strong desire for his organisation to partner with the Government of The Gambia on areas of mutual interest for the benefit of the Islamic Ummah.”