Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Gina Mariam Bass Receives Prestigious Presidential Honor

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By: Zackline Colley

Gina Mariam Bass Bittaye, the shining star of Gambian athletics, has been bestowed with a prestigious honor following her remarkable performance at the All Africa Games in Ghana. President Adama Barrow, recognizing her outstanding achievement, presented her with a million Dalasis reward, which was delivered by the Vice President of The Gambia.

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Bittaye, who clinched two gold medals at the recently concluded games, expressed her gratitude upon receiving the generous accolade. In her remarks, she emphasized the importance of hard work and discipline, urging the younger generation to dream big while maintaining a steadfast commitment to discipline in all endeavors.

The athlete’s triumph not only serves as a source of pride for The Gambia but also inspires aspiring athletes across the nation to strive for excellence. Bittaye’s dedication and perseverance exemplify the potential of Gambian talent on the international stage, setting a sterling example for future generations of athletes to follow.

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