Monday, June 17, 2024

GFF 2nd VP confirms federation not involved in Independence Stadium renovation

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

The second vice president of the Gambia Football Federation, Ebou Faye, who doubled as the Manager of the Independence Stadium, has confirmed that the Ministry of Youth and Sports did not involve the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) in the Independence Stadium renovation project, saying it was a mistake from the ministry as the Gambia continues to observe a stadium ban.

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Numerous critics have expressed their concerns about the Ministry’s decision to exclude the country’s football governing body from the stadium renovation process. This came after CAF field inspector, Muhammad F. Sidat, publicly stated that several aspects of the stadium’s renovation should have been executed differently.

In an interview with AfriRadio, Faye confirmed that the GFF was not involved, but was quick to describe it as a mistake from the Ministry of Youth & Sports.

“The GFF was not involved. Yes, partially, but that was a mistake. Apart from that, the stadium was fully involved,” he confirmed.

Faye, however, dispelled beliefs that there were mistakes in the renovation project which led to Gambia’s continuous banning from playing at home because the ministry sidelined the Gambia Football Federation.

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According to him, there was no mistake in the ongoing renovation and remodelling of the stadium, saying CAF field inspector only recommended certain things that should be done.

On Reasons Why the GFF Chose Morocco Over Senegal

Reacting to a question about why the Gambia football federation chose Morocco over neighbouring Senegal for the Gambia’s home game, Faye explained that it is difficult to play in Senegal now because they have only one approved stadium and the Senegalese national team will be playing on the 9th and 12th of September.

“Senegal is playing on the 9th and 12th. The Gambia wants to play on the 10th, so the only available date for the Gambia to play is from the 4th to the 7th of September.

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“The FIFA date starts on the 4th to the 12th. If you look at the 4th to 7th, it is three days. We cannot assemble the players all within those three days. That is why we are going to Morocco.

“We will have enough time to train, assemble the players and play our match. It is difficult to play in Senegal. Senegal has only one stadium now,” Faye explaine.

He said that if there were available dates in Senegal, they would have decided on Senegal instead of Morocco.

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