Friday, April 12, 2024

GDC Administration Accuses Former Campaign Manager of Double Standards

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Ebrima Nyang, Administrative Secretary 1 of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), has accused the former National Campaign Manager, Momodou Cham (also known as Mc Cham Junior), of playing double standards.

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Nyang’s response came after a Senegalese politician, Dam Mboge, and a supporter of PASTEF visited The Gambia. During this visit, Mc Cham claimed that he was expelled by GDC for supporting the embattled Senegalese politician Ousman Sonko, the leader of PASTEF.

Nyang stated that Mc Cham’s claims were not true and clarified that Mc Cham was invited by the PASTEF Gambia chapter to attend one of their political activities. According to Nyang, PASTEF introduced Cham as the National Campaign Manager of GDC, implying that Gambia was rallying behind PASTEF. Nyang further emphasized that GDC has no issue with Mc Cham attending the event, as he has the right to associate himself with any political party.

“Mc Cham is playing double standards and hiding the truth because he knows what had happened. The endorsement of PASTEF by Mc Cham raised suspicions among many, leading them to question whether GDC had officially endorsed Ousman Sonko’s candidacy,” he claimed.

Nyang clarified that political parties with similar ideologies may form a memorandum of understanding in line with their party constitutions, even if they are from different countries, and may share ideas during election times. He stated that GDC had made a press release to clear the air and assert that they have no agreement with Ousman Sonko’s party. He expressed disappointment in Mc Cham for “not telling the truth” and making false allegations against GDC, despite no such accusation being made by the party.

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Nyang questioned when Mc Cham was expelled by GDC, as he officially tendered his resignation on March 16, 2023, which was accepted by the party. According to Nyang, GDC did not accuse Mc Cham, but the press release was issued to clarify that the party did not assign him to attend the event. Nyang stressed that GDC cannot have an endorsement with any other party and hide it, as transparency and accountability to the public are essential.

“Mc Cham’s response to the GDC press release, calling it useless, was disrespectful to the party and its members. Mc Cham was suspended because he acted against the party’s constitution and he is not the first GDC executive member to be suspended,” Nyang asserted. He expressed disappointment with Mc Cham’s comments, emphasizing that he should have respected the party and its leadership.

The Fatu Network reached out to Mc Cham for comment, and he confirmed that he had an issue with his former party because of Ousman Sonko, which he told the Senegalese politician Dam Mboge. However, he denied Nyang’s claims and accused him of seeking cheap popularity.

“I was invited to a fundraising event organized by the party of Pastef, a Senegalese political party led by prominent opposition, Ousmane Sonko on Sunday at Sukuta, in the West Coast region, and GDC sees that as an endorsement,” he clarified. The former GDC campaign manager further said that he was disappointed in the executive committee of his party for not inviting him for questioning before releasing a press statement disassociating itself from a comment he said he had never made. Mc Cham stated that he has moved on from the past and holds GDC in high regard, which is why he has refrained from speaking against the party.

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