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Gambia’s President-elect Barrow makes maiden face-to-face with local journalists

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Gambia’s President-elect Adama Barrow Thursday December 8th, 2016 conducted his maiden Press Conference with local journalists at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.


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During the event, Mr Barrow unveiled his plans to improve in governance, democracy and rule of law in the country. He also spoke about major plans to revamp and invest heavily in agriculture sector saying his government will rely on the sector as a support base to the economy.


President-elect Barrow also spoke at length about creating jobs especially for the youth of the country saying they are the future leaders of the country and empowering them means building a better future.


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He assured that his government will be media friendly unlike the previous regime of Yahya Jammeh which created the worst environment for the press and continuosly infringed on the rights of not only the media but the citizens in general.


“This government will be very friendly with media. The media enlighten the people. We will bring good media laws” he said.


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President-elect Barrow reminded the people that the coalition went to election based on principles saying there will be no conflict of interest among the member parties. He then dismissed speculations that he might include in his cabinet members of the former government and newly formed opposition party of Mamma Kandeh.


“I don’t think we are inviting any party we have enough parties in the coalition,” he said.


On the ongoing rumors of tribal fights in the country and investigations against Dictator Jammeh and his governmnet, President-elect Barrow said they have nothing personal against anyone and will always operate according to the law.


“I am a Mandinka, Sarahule and Fula. Two of my last sisters from the same mum and dad are married to Jolas in Foni. So, tribe is not important. What is important is that we are all Gambians and should unite and work for the progress of our country,” he said.


Meanwhile, regarding his present personal security guards, Barrow said his personnel guards as at now include Senegalese personnel from a private security firm. He said that they have also contacted the Gambia government to assign security to him before the handing over and transfer of power.


President-elect Barrow also mentioned about the current Gambia security chiefs calling him and pledging allegiance.


On the Gambia’s membership to International Criminal Court ICC, Mr Barrow said “The Gambia is still officially a member of ICC”.


Regarding the issue of surrendering former President Yahya Jammeh to ICC upon request, President-elect Barrow would neither rubbish nor agree but quickly noted that The Gambia and its judiciary are competent to handle cases of such nature.

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