Monday, June 17, 2024

Gambia Government Shuts Down Paradise FM

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State security operatives claiming to be acting on directives from The Ministry of Information have shut down paradise FM, a private radio station in the greater Banjul area. Paradise FM is the fourth radio station to be shut down by authorities recently. No reason was given for the closure.

Hilltop FM, Teranga FM and Afri Radio were closed last week and later reopened after an intervention by members of the coalition during a press conference presided over by Halifa Sallah.

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Sources say Paradise FM was shut down Sunday evening, January 8, few hours after an interview with Halifa Sallah, leader of the opposition PDOIS, who is also a member of the coalition that defeated Jammeh during the December polls. Halifa’s interview was aired live after Yankuba Colley’s, The ruling APRC’s national mobilizer.

Many believe the closure may have to do with Halifa’s interview which had a high rating and was listened to by many Gambians including those in the diaspora.

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