The French little boy, Emmanuel Macron, should withdraw his rude comments against prophet Muhammed S.W.A and Islam and apologise for making such an unprofessional and unmoral comments.

Muslims and Christians have been living harmoniously together for centuries in hundreds of nations around the World and they are still living in the same harmonious state of life.

Honestly, Macron lacks home training. He lacks moral responsibility and respect for human rights. You don’t fight fire with fire! Because if you do, then you must stupid in moving towards addressing problems.

Go against the perpetrator but never attack people’s prophet! Condemn the act but never attack people’s religion!

But this half-matured little boy turned politician doesn’t know this, because he has no moral training. Respect is reciprocal, you don’t earn it but you work for it.

Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam doesn’t teach us to attack others, Islam doesn’t teach us to kill one another, Islam doesn’t teach to utter ill against one another. But this French boy failed to understand this. He should seek through education about Islam, therein, he would come to know Islam is a peaceful religion.

Islam teaches us love one another, to have respect for one another, to support one another: Islam teaches us give charity, even a smile can be a charity. Islam doesn’t teach us to hold grudge for each other. These are a few reminders. But there is plethora of teachings that Islam teaches us.

Emanuel Macron needs to look back at himself in a mirror and contemplate over his uncouth comments against others’ religion. It doesn’t tell good of him. Right to free speech is welcome but it should go with a high level of responsibility. You don’t just utter words because you can utter them. As a human being with five-common senses, you should think concretely before letting out any word.

That’s why Islam reminds us: to sit down if we are angry, to lie down if we are angry etc. All these help us not to be controlled by our emotions. Emotion shouldn’t be widely express.

Macron needs to go for a brain test! Respect prophet Muhammed P.U.H.

Adama Makasuba, Gambian journalist.