Addressing a meeting in Sukuta Kombo North, during his recently concluded tour of Agricultural projects, The Gambian President, yahya Jammeh posted a question to the youths of Sukuta by asking how many of them wanted to travel to Europe through the back way. Almost all the boys raised their hands, then President Jammeh said “May your souls rest in peace in the Mediterranean Sea in advance”

Shocked and surprised  by The President’s remarks, many of the youths walked away from the meeting angrily murmuring. Addressing a similar meeting in Ebo Town the following day, Jammeh was quoted as saying to parents “ I heard that many of your sons died on the back way to Europe, I also know for a fact that many of them in this meeting are planning to embark on the journey, may they all die at sea”

These remarks according to sources, shocked and angered almost everyone at the meeting including his supporters. The video and audio tapes of both meetings are said to have been edited to delete the remarks, before the highlights were aired on The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS).