Monday, June 17, 2024

Breaking: 151 Migrants Return From Libya! Senegalese And Ghanaian Among.

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In what is becoming a common occurrence, another batch of Gambians detained in Libya have been released and returned to The Gambia. They arrived at the Banjul International Airport last night.

The team comprises of a hundred and fifty male, and one female. There’s also five Senegalese and a Gambian. There is at least two individuals with serious physical injuries, including a stab wound to the back. There are two mentally imbalanced people in the group.

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They are being housed at the FIFA Goal House for registration with the IOM, and are being assisted by doctors, and the Immigration is present there, too. According to our source, “Things have been going on smoothly.”

Many people are attributing the rise in crime to the return of these boys. Ww’ll keep you updated on the story.

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