Monday, February 26, 2024

Beatrice Allen Vies for President of the Gambia National Olympic Committee

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Former International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Beatrice Allen who currently serves as the first vice president of the Gambia National Olympic Committee (GNOC) has officially expressed her interest to run for the office of president of the committee in the27th November elective congress.

As an aspiring president, Madam Allen has already made it clear that the new GNOC Executive Board under her leadership will contribute immensely to the transformation of sports in the Gambia. This she says will be done in accordance with the Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance.

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On Monday Beatrice Allen unveiled her ‘Reform Agenda’ covering 2021- 2024. The agenda contains a 10-point action plan based on her vision to keep The Gambia on track for national and international sporting success.

The ten key action points are:

  1. The Promotion of Good Governance in the NOC and the National Federations (NFs) at all times.
  2. Promotion of sports through financial support to NFs and revenue generation
  3. Promotion of diversity and the participation of Women in Sports
  4. Ensuring Community service for sustainability
  5. Encouraging the development of high performance
  6. Improving collaboration with government and other key stakeholders
  7. Focusing on strategies leading to international sporting success
  8. Promoting the fundamental principles and values of Olympism
  9. Ensuring Athletes Career Development support
  10. And training and Development of Coaches and Sport Administrators

Madam Allen believes that her team of professionals will implement this vision for the development of Gambian sports, and everything they do will be done using the highest standards of professionalism, excellence and integrity.

Beatrice Allen has served in various capacities including at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Consultant/ Coordinator- National Trade Fair in the Gambia, Executive Director- Trade & Investment Promotion in The Gambia. She is a Member of the Lions Club of Cape Point; Member of the Special Olympics (Gambia); First Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee of Gambia; Member of the Women and Sports Commission of Committee of Gambia; Honorary Member of the Gambia Softball Association; Honorary Member of the Gambia Golf Association; Honorary Member, ANOCA Zone II; First Vice-President of the World Baseball Softball Confederation among several others.

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She holds a BA in International Development; a Diploma in Gender and Development; a Diploma in Gender Responsive Project Implementation and a Certificate in Training of Gender Trainers.


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