‘Barrow must go’: Upset Sidi Sanneh transforms ‘War Room’ as he announces his return

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Former foreign minister Sidi Sanneh on Tuesday fired off multiple posts where he announced the return of his blog.

US-based Sidi Sanneh contributed immensely in the fight against the 22 years rule of former leaer Yahya Jammeh. He ran his own blog where he mainly focused on issues of corruption and human rights violations in government.

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Sanneh went into hibernation following the change of government in 2016 but signs of frustration with the Barrow government over the past four years has now seen him announced on Tuesday he is coming back.

In one of his posts on Tuesday, he clarified he is so upset because “I feel Gambians, let’s say, many Gambians, are being disrespected by Barrow daily & we’ve done nothing to deserve it” adding “no self-respecting Gambian should tolerate it any longer”. He simply said in one, “Barrow Must Go”.

He had earlier on said he has been quiet for four years but “I’m not going to any longer while I watch a handful of greedy, hungry, clueless miscreants abuse power vested in them by the Gambian people”.

He then wrote today: “The War Room undergoing some transformations before I start publication of my blog @ sidisanneh.blogspot.com. The frequency will depend on the nonsense emanating from Banjul. The more the nonsense, the more they’ll hear from me.”

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