Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Barrow: His Machinery Can Never Win the Political Zone in WCR” – Hon. Ceesay Criticizes Yankz Darboe’s Sedition Charges

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The resumption of the sedition trial of the Chairman of Brikama Area Council before Magistrate ML Thomasi in Banjul last week sparked outrage among his supporters and sympathizers who believed the case was a witch-hunt and demanded its immediate dismissal.

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Honorable Omar Ceesay, the former opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) and National Assembly representative for Niamina East, has criticized the government, alleging that the case is politically motivated.

“President Barrow and his entire machinery can never win the political zone of the West Coast Region. Reactivating this case is a witch-hunt aimed at unseating Chairman Darboe,” he said.

The GDC lawmaker reiterated that even if the government succeeded in unseating Chairman Yankuba Darboe, the opposition would still defeat them in any by-election.

However, Ceesay emphasized and condemned any form of character assassination or unpleasant words from anyone, including Yankz Darboe.

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He claimed that the rationale behind the lawsuit was a political witch-hunt, considering the timing at which it was reactivated.

The former parliamentarian warned that such political maneuvering from the highest authorities may cause social, political, and economic turmoil if countermeasures are taken by the masses.

Hon. Ceesay believed that the case should be laid to rest to avoid political consequences, as the government had shown no interest in taking legal actions against the chairman for the past two years.

He argued that the NPP had no significant presence or strong political base in the West Coast Region.

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“Let the sleeping dog lie. Pursuing a legal battle where winning means losing is a battle that should be abandoned right from the start,” he emphasized.

According to Hon. Ceesay, the government is not pleased with the defeat and how the opposition is controlling the country’s largest region.

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