Sunday, June 23, 2024

Banjul North NAM Hon. Bah Donates D50,000 to Nawettan Teams

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Banjul North National Assembly Member, Honorable Momodou Lamin Biram Bah, also known as L Bah, generously donated D50,000 to nine qualifying ‘Nawettan’ teams in Banjul North on Friday, September 1st, 2023. The presentation event was attended by prominent figures in the capital of Banjul, including Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe. This marks the second time that the lawmaker has shown his support for Nawettan in his constituency.

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Addressing a diverse audience of supporters, enthusiasts, elders, and sports officials, Hon. Bah stated that this initiative aims to support young athletes for a brighter future. He explained that in the previous year, he supported the teams differently by providing footballing equipment to all nine teams and one under-16 tournament organizer in his constituency. “I did this last year but in a different form which involved presenting footballing materials to all the nine teams and one under-16 tournament organizer in my constituency,” he said.

However, this year, he decided to provide a cash prize of D50,000, with each team receiving D5,000, and the remaining D5,000 going to Sheriff Camara (known as Chipa Yi), who organizes U-16 tournaments for children in Banjul.

Bah elaborated on his decision to support Sheriff Camara, saying, “He organizes U-16 tournaments that have attracted more than 34 teams in Banjul.” He expressed optimism that this financial assistance would empower his constituents and emphasized his commitment to addressing their concerns, particularly those related to young athletes. He hopes that this gesture will grow even more significant in the coming years, as this is the second edition of his support.

The Banjul North representative acknowledged that most, if not all, of the teams were facing financial challenges in financing their participation in the Nawettan. He recognized that the amount might be modest but emphasized its importance in covering certain expenses. Nawettan events in the city consistently draw large crowds of spectators eager to witness young talent, and Bah expressed his happiness in giving back to his community, emphasizing that this contribution came from his personal funds, not from any external donors.

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Sheriff Camara, also known as ‘Chipa Yi,’ who is an artist by profession and involved in scouting young footballers, expressed his gratitude to Hon. Bah for the support, stating that it would greatly assist in addressing their needs. He encouraged others to offer similar support, recognizing the high costs associated with football and commending the commendable support from individuals.

Numerous other speakers at the event commended Hon. Bah for his initiative, encouraging him to continue and expand his support to benefit more people in his constituency.

The teams that received support are as follows: ‘Janta Bi,’ ‘Happy Corner,’ ‘Makan Bi,’ ‘Atletico,’ ‘Black Diamond,’ ‘Jamsen,’ ‘Fire House,’ ‘London City,’ ‘Revelation,’ and ‘Chipa Yi.’

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