Monday, July 22, 2024

BAC: Council recommends dismissal of CEO, Finance Director for alleged financial misconduct

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Brikama Area Council (BAC), Modou Jonga, and the Director of Finance, Alhagie Jeng, along with former Chairman, Sheriffo Sonko, are facing allegations of financial misconduct and as a result, the councillors have recommended their dismissal from the council.

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The council has passed a resolution over their financial dealings, stating that the CEO, Finance Director, and Sheriffo Sonko acquired a two-million-dalasi loan from Jah Oil, which was outside their budget line. Until date, the money has not been accounted for.

“The CEO further, together with the director of finance and former Chairman, Sherrifo Sonko, had taken a loan of D2.5 million dalasi from Jah Oil which is yet to be fully accounted for.

“The CEO further acted unlawfully in this transaction together with the Finance Director Alhagie Jeng and former Chairman Sherrifo Sonko to take such a loan outside of their budget line without any council resolutions for such a loan and a ministerial approval,” explained the Council in their resolution.

Furthermore, the Council stated that the CEO could not justify the withdrawal of over 50 million dalasi between January and June 2023, nor did he show vouchers of any expenditure of the money on behalf of the Council.

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According to the resolution, the employment of the sons and relatives of Finance Director Alhagie Jeng in the council was a blessing to the CEO. He’s accused of abusing his office by accepting the appointment of family members of the finance director, which resulted in corruption.

In a unanimous Council resolution, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Modou Jonga, and the Finance Director, Alhagie Jeng’s immediate dismissals were recommended.

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