Monday, April 22, 2024

Alleged Unidentified Thief Snatches Driver’s Bag and Escapes With Valuables at Accident Scene

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By: Dawda Baldeh

An alleged unidentified thief has left Lamin Jasseh in a frustrating situation after snatching his bag at an accident scene yesterday in Manjai.

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Lamin, the victim of the alleged theft, owns a truck that was involved in an accident with a private vehicle yesterday and was called to come to the scene when the thief, who impersonated the son of the private vehicle owner, snatched his bag.

The items he allegedly escaped with include 2 laptops, 2 hard drives, 8 USB drives, a power bank, 2 watches needing batteries, 2 laptop chargers, and a wireless mouse.

Speaking to The Fatu Network, Jasseh narrated that his truck driver was involved in an accident.

According to Lamin’s account, his driver hit another car in the front bumper with a small scratch.

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The alleged thief appeared at the scene and was communicating with him, impersonating the son of the owner of the car as his dad.

“When I arrived at the scene, he (the alleged thief) approached me from the passenger side. I rolled down the window and then started talking to him. He led me to park the car, after which I forgot to roll up the window,” Jasseh narrated. He added, “He was standing by while I talked to the owner of the car that was hit. He took the bag and started to move. My driver saw him with the bag but didn’t know that it was my bag.”

The alleged victim further stated that his driver waved to the guy, and he felt guilty and asked him to come forward, “but my driver said no, I thought you had my telephone, but I found it.”

According to Lamin, his driver saw the alleged thief jumping into a moped or Keke, or tuk-tuk, as they call it.

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Lamin is soliciting support from the public to help recover his stolen items.

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