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Alleged September 12 police shooter admitted to killing officers — Police Anti-Crime Unit investigator tells court

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By: Alieu Jallow and Hadram Hydara

Ebou Sowe, a police investigator attached to the Police Anti-Crime Unit, has testified in the High Court in Banjul that the first accused person, Ousainou Bojang, who is accused of fatally shooting two police officers and injuring the third one, had admitted to the police of committing the crime.

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On September 12, on-duty police officers were shot at the Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Lights, leaving two dead and one seriously injured. Ousainou Bojang, the principal suspect, stands trial for murder and terrorism.

According to Sowe, upon returning from Giboro, where the primary suspect (Ousainou Bojang) was apprehended, the investigative team, of which he is a member, questioned Bojang about the shooting incident, and Bojang admitted to being responsible for the crime during the interrogation.

Regarding the shoes Bojang allegedly wore on the night of the incident, Sowe said: “He confirmed to [us that he had] worn combat boots”.

Mr Sowe went on to say that the first accused person voluntarily led the Police investigating team to his family house in Brufut, where the alleged combat boots he wore were recovered.

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“As a result, the forensic team picked the boots as their material evidence. As the investigation progresses another cautionary statement was obtained from Ousainou on 14th September,” Sowe added.

He further told the court that he went back the next day and patrolled the route the unidentified person used, which led to an incomplete building, and he found a shoe print believed to be that of the suspect.

“In the building, another empty case and a live round was recovered by the forensic officers”.

According to Officer Sowe, the police asked the accused about the weapon and his attire during the incident, including the colour of the grey kaftan and white canvas shoes, and the first accused person told them that both the weapon and the attire were in his house.

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“Therefore, we led a team to investigate[sic] his house at Brufut. When we arrived at Brufut, his room was searched and his haftan was found hanging on a TV stand. He confirmed that the said kaftan was the one he was wearing on the day of the incident,” he told the court.


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