After more than half a century of independence, we are still largely dependant on the west. We do not have proper and established democratic institutions which will guard and protect our democracy. We are still struggling with poverty, want, disease and war. Africa has become a pariah continent. I call it the surrogate continent.


We are satisfied with being a proxy

Always doing d bidding of the other

Fulfilling their each and every order

Leaving them to demarcate every border


Shouldn’t we try to ourselves extricate

Or are we satisfied being the surrogate?

Some want them to us compensate

Others want to their greed satiate


This notion we are ready to repudiate

Now, we should let no one us intimidate

It’s not that we intend to retaliate

We just need to do something, immediate


We’ll no longer be someone’s surrogate

We need to stand up and open the gate

For this, we need no one placate

We shouldn’t allow them to us suffocate!


By this time we should have been integrated and working together in such a way that we would form a formidable force in the world. Africa is the foundation of civilization. Africa has more natural resources than any other continent in the world.


The biggest problem of Africa is misleaders who are only concerned about how long they will stay in power and how fat is their bank account; which ironically would be in the west. Thus they gather the little resources of their countries and keep it in the west. The west will in turn use it to work and increase their economy. When we need something again, we go there to beg.

When will Africa gain true independence?

Ask me again?