Sunday, February 25, 2024

Addressing Unemployment & Price Hike: Cement Vendors Urge Government To Build Factories

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By: Karimatou Jallow

Cement vendors at Jimpex have called on government to build cement factories across the country to create job opportunities for youths, reduce cement price and boost the economy.

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“It is not easy for us because we have only three factories in the country and production is very slow. That is why we buy cement from neighbouring Senegal. However, it takes days before it is imported into the country. Such is not favorable for a businessman,” cement vendor Ebrima Jallow said.

“The Cement in Senegal is cheaper than the one in The Gambia. If Gambian goods are more expensive than the one coming from outside the country then I see no reason why a product has to be made in the Gambia,” he lamented.

Jallow said the government should build more factories to end price hike in the market and employ youths.

Ousman Terera is another cement vendor who told this medium that they find it challenging to make profit.

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“Everything is expensive in the market and our main problem is at the Port because what we pay at the Port is very expensive and most of the goods that are imported into the country are also very expensive. That is why we find it challenging to make profit.”

Terera said the price hike in the country is due to the lack of price control in the market. He called on the government to monitor prices in the market.

Giving his views on price hike, Demba Bah said cement is very expensive and not everybody can afford the price. He urged the government to find workable lasting solution to reduce the price of cement.


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