Information reaching this medium has revealed that 155 people were arrested by the joint security task force last Friday night in Banjul.

According to the Police Spokesperson, ASP Foday Conta, 155 people were arrested and 69 of them were handed over to the Immigration Officials while the rest are under the police custody to appear before the courts for criminal charges.

“The police have embarked on a joint security task force operations upon receiving complaints of burglary, house breaking and pickpocketing in Banjul,” ASP Foday Conta said.


He added: “Some of the arrestees were fraudsters that hypnotized people to rob them.”

The Police Spokesperson said many of the people arrested came from the Senegalese region of Nyamanarr. He said they were reportedly going round the market pickpocketing, engaging in burglary and other related crimes. He added that some of them do not have valid documents to stay in the country.

“A total of 155 were arrested. They will be arraigned before the courts tomorrow, Tuesday, August 22 to face charges,” he asserted.

The Spokesperson of the Gambia Immigration Department, Assistant Superintendent Mamanding S. Dibba has also confirmed that a total of 69 people were handed over to them by the joint security task force. He said 57 of them are Senegalese nationals who are minors. He added that they were deported to Senegal on Sunday.

When asked whether the Senegalese High Commission were contacted before deporting their nationals, he answered in the negative saying there were lapses in their coordination.

Assistant Superintendent Dibba further disclosed that the remaining 11 arrestees are Gambian nationals from Kabada area while the other arrestee is a Guinean national.

“They were arrested on Friday night during the joint security task force operations in Banjul. They were found in the streets at night sleeping in undesirable places and old houses without parental care,” Assistant Superintendent Dibba disclosed.

Dibba said he can only speak about the 69 people handed over to them but not the rest as they are with the police.