Who was Almamy, the spokesperson of UDP shouting at when he pieced together a badly written press release distancing UDP from anti- Barrow demonstrations? It is so sad that a lawyer with multiple law degrees and a Law lecturer at our very own University like Mr. Taal could be writing with all capital letters.

In written Communication and Public Relations practice, writing in all caps means shouting on top of one’s voice and it is rude of the writer and  to those reading it  as well.

UDP needs a better spokesperson, for now the spokesperson they have is bad in both rhetoric and writing. Instead of attracting new members to a party (that is facing war from within and without) and selling the party to the public, he is busy attacking other political parties and personalities like an intellectually retarded, immature kid.

This is so embarrassing for our educational system and country. UDP needs to save itself from Mr. Taal’s incompetence and unstrategic, negative rhetoric.

Alhassan Darboe is a Journalist and writer based in the U.S. He holds a Communication Degree from King University’s  department of Communication Studies.