By Lamin Sanyang


The United Democratic Party UDP held a victory rally after winning 31 seats in the recent parliamentary elections at Buffer Zone in the Kanifing Municipality.

The rally brought together parliamentary candidates with delegates across the country including those who were defeated in the elections. All the candidates were introduced one by one. There were rousing applaud from the crowd.

Speaking on behalf of the elected National Assembly Members, Honourable Madi MK Ceesay, National Assembly Member for Serrekunda West, has commended the electorates who voted for them.

“We are different from other National Assembly Members,” Hon. Madi MK Ceesay said.

Ceesay, a journalist cum politician promised that they will enact good laws in the National Assembly by making constitutional amendment. He talked about reforming the laws on age limit among other things.

“We will not make laws that will harm the people,” he asserted.

The Serrekunda West NAM said as National Assembly Members they do not have any budget to build schools or hospitals but will make sure that tax returns are properly utilized for the development of the Gambian tax payers.

Abdoulie alias Suku Singhateh, former parliamentarian spoke on behalf of the deflected former APRC National Assembly Members. He dished out money to praise singers and told the elected National Assembly Members to represent their party very well in parliament. He said they are the government in power and should support their development agendas.

“There are former APRC Cabinet Ministers, National Assembly Members and Councillors that are planning to meet Ousainou Darboe to join his party. Very soon you will see many of them on TV,” Suku Singhateh said.

Singhateh called on the supporters of the United Democratic Party UDP to open space for the people who want to join their party. He commended the UDP leader for his exemplary leadership qualities.

Mr. Amadou Corra from Tumanna who gave a brief history of the formation of the United Democratic Party called on the Gambians not to play with the party because it was the party that sow the seeds of democracy in this country. He said Ousainou Darboe is a descendant of “Waliyu” godly people.

“Anybody who dies in the UDP will enter heaven,” Amadou Corra said.

Corra advice the elected National Assembly Members to serve the party’s interest rather than looking for personal gains.

There was a young man from Busumbala who translated the English Alphabet by connecting it to the country’s political activities. Several people took turned to expressed their support and commitment to the party.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe was not present at the rally but Honourable Momodou LK Sanneh, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and Lamin N Dibba, Minister of Local Government were present. Mr. Ebrima alias Ebou Manneh and Mr. Femi Peters were earlier on introduced as ambassadors to the United States of America and United Kingdom respectively. Ms Ramzia Diab alongside other party bigwigs graced the occasion.