By Momodou Ndow

We’ve heard the whispers, and the wind has carried them everywhere. The weekend parties at Kanilai and endless functions populated by young Gambian women and other married women who left their husbands behind. Goloh thought he had a free rein on women – young or old, single or married. This is what being a psychopath and heavily intoxicated with power can create. In his twisted head, Goloh was convinced neh mor morm daykabi and everything in it was at his disposal, including all the young women.

Toufah’s case is your classic victim grooming scenario. Victim grooming is when someone builds an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse or sexual exploitation. The installation of plumbing in her family’s home, the buying of furniture, driving her sick relative to doctors, showing particular interest in her project, and the employment offer (protocol officer). These are the emotional tools Goloh used to groom Toufah.

Imagine a president using a Ramadan beauty pageant event as a pretext to lure an 18-year-old lady for sex. Better yet, imagine a president raping an 18-year-old lady at the State House while nyungey wachey kaamil right outside. Just imagine that! And it was all facilitated by Jimbee The Pimp, the number one accomplice in this alleged rape case. This was all about power, not sexual desire. According to Toufah, Goloh told her that a woman has never rejected him and he could have any woman he wants. So sex was not the issues here! Goloh wanted to use the power of rape to punish Toufah for rejecting him, which he claims never happened. The motivation here was the need for dominance and control.

As the saying goes, “what goes up must come down”, and Goloh is on his way down and will crash and burn. He was drunken with power and thought he was flying, but his Chaya is now caught on an electric light pole, and that electric light pole is Fatou Toufah Jallow. In Toufah I see strength, in Toufah I see courage, and in Toufah I see a fighter! I hope more young women will come out and share their stories regarding any horrific encounter they had with Goloh, The Ramadan Rapist! Apparently, there was an elaborate system in place.