There is nothing noble about being constantly victimized or the whole country resorting to managing instability, choosing between a series of unpleasant outcomes and avoiding catastrophe of Yahya Jammeh. Most disturbingly, the actions of Yahya Jammeh on our citizens and his desire to transform Gambia have been, in hindsight, an area of remarkable consensus of disapproval on every level and many have inveighed against his use of polarized ideological foreign elements, whom he is publicly flattering with millions of dollars to indoctrinate Gambians using religion — which he does not totally believe at heart. Our consensus thus far has not always served us well granted that, we have seen a more bitter Yahya Jammeh with endless cycle of persecution and his intolerance for our citizens.



It’s very difficult to understand why the Gambians has demonstrated such a deep reservoir of patience for Yahya Jammeh bellicosity against our nation along with the actions of a handful of his sheltered mercenary judges and loyalist whom are empowered by the regime to continue destroying Gambia and its people mercilessly. Even at a time of economic torpor, Gambians are forced to pick up the unnecessary bills of Yahya Jammeh and his solicitous family in the tune of millions of dollars while enduring insults from him about our concerns of lack of medication in our hospitals, growing prison population and whether his misguided aspirational model of transforming our society according to his wishes still fits Gambia. let’s not kid ourselves: What probably matters to Yahya Jammeh is, he wants to be seen as champion of everything despite innumerable warnings but now his actions have chokehold every aspect of our country.



And, as history teaches, it is prudent for Gambians to know that it will be an enormous task reversing each of Yahya Jammeh’s trends or whole array of issues, the longer he is allowed to be the leader of the country because many will suffer generations to come. It is because of our society dependence on individual and familial aspiration rather than centralized focus on broader concerns of all Gambians? Or is it because Yahya Jammeh’s has terrorize the nation so much that his agenda of controlling every aspect of lives of Gambians has been largely accomplished, and he is particularly accepted among Gambians? so much has gone wrong for our nation under the dictatorship of Yahya Jammeh abysmally — disastrous densely webbed track record that now he is so confused that he is openly embracing enemies of humankind, alienating Gambians, and he isn’t bored no more to recognize the countless opportunities to learn from his mistakes.

Rather than giving the Gambian people an honest even-handed accounting of where he has brought the nation, Mr. Yahya Jammeh has now decided that he is, indeed, above the duly enacted law of our homeland and now considers Gambia’s hard earned income as belonging to him first. Yahya Jammeh knows full well that his policies have been opposite what most Gambians prefer, and continues forcing himself to an unwilling populace. Worse still, With the threat of his regime becoming history as a results of killings, disappearance, torturing of innocent civilians, our resources more constrained under his watch, and Gambians fed up with him being a heavy burden. Thus Yahya Jammeh resorted to his last weapon — which most dictators cling on because he has nothing more of false tales left to inspire Gambians or let alone instill confidence about his leadership.


BY Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)